Songs of the Teacher-Poet, Day Seven

STP D07 PoliticsHappy National Poetry Month!  To celebrate Rebecca’s Classroom and Kitchen is featuring poetry by educators.  (For more info, click here!)  I encourage you to leave positive thoughts, encouragement, and feedback in the comments section below.



by Kathy E. Triick


A deadly serious

Historic game of compromise,


And cooperation

Played by the hard of hearing

At tables set with prejudice,

Naiveté and greed.


Hands are dealt

And the dispensable discarded

Face down in their neglect.

Back and forth

The lead changes—

Weaknesses concealed

Strengths flaunted

And wagers made.


Players, deadlocked by ego

And avarice, find themselves

Unable to finish.

A perilous entertainment

At any table.


Used with permission.

Copyright 2018 by Kathy E. Triick


And, as always, find great educational resources by Rebecca by clicking the link below:

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