The End Is Near.

The End Is NearThe end of the year is fast approaching.  Depending on your school’s calendar, you might have a few day, a few weeks, or maybe even a month left.  In some classrooms this means a mad rush to try and get everything crammed in before the final bell, but in others you have time to fill because the high-stakes, end-of-year tests are over or you are just ahead of the game or maybe you are just searching for something to keep your crazies from getting too crazy (what with the warm weather calling and the count-downs happening).  Whatever the case, here are four activities that you might find useful in your classroom.

It Is Time to Show Some Thanks!

The end of the year can be hard on everyone.  Help your students spread some joy to their teachers by writing thank you letters to a teacher (or other mentor) that has made a difference in each of their lives this year.  Design your own project or download the one in my store here.  Regardless, thank you notes are a great way to remind the receivers that they are appreciated and the senders of how much someone does for them.  A moment of peace for everyone in the hurricane that is the end of the year!

Board Games Not Bored Students

In many classes the end of the year means it is time to review for huge cumulative tests.  Studying for these can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be.  Instead of the typical flash cards (which absolutely have their place) or another game of Jeopardy, here is an activity that I have seen excellent results with and that my students love to do–have students create review board games.  By creating their own and then playing each others’ games, students comprehensively review whatever topic(s) you assign and have a good time doing it.  I have seen excellent games on everything from the Mongolian invasions in Asia to verb forms to geological terms and identification.  Let your students’ imaginations run wild!

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

The end of the year is a great time for reflection, evaluation, and goal-setting.  This pack of three forms is a useful way to guide your students through evaluation of themselves, you/your class, and setting goals for the future.  Encourage students to practice and improve these skills and model for them that we all always have room to improve!

You Don’t Need to Have Read the Novel for This One

While this game nominally goes with The Phantom Tollbooth, you do not need to have read the book to play or enjoy it.  A fun way to fill time in your classroom as well as keep all your students on their toes, paying attention, and thinking, this no-prep game is one my students request to play over and over again.

Remember, the end is near!

Have a great day, and…

Teach On!



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This Week’s Journal Questions

For the teacher and the student:  What are you going to do on the first day of summer vacation?  Who are you going to do it with?  Why are you looking forward (or not) to this?


A Recipe from My Kitchen

No recipe this week because…


Sometimes life gets crazy and sometimes the garden is calling to be planted and sometimes you just want to go outside and play with your kiddos in the late afternoon sunshine.  Whatever the case, throw in a frozen pizza, make cold sandwiches, or order takeout.  Even the best, most dedicated cooks occasionally take the day off.  

You can do it too!

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