Songs of the Teacher-Poet, Day Nineteen

STP D19 My Sister the Mongoose
Happy National Poetry Month!  To celebrate, Rebecca’s Classroom and Kitchen is featuring poetry by educators.  (For more info, click here!)  I encourage you to leave positive thoughts, encouragement, and feedback in the comments section below.


My Sister, the Mongoose

by Rebecca Gettelman


Her arms, they are not furry

nor her bright teeth needle-sharp,

but my sister is a mongoose:

bright, brave, and stout of heart.


My mongoose fights the cobra—

that smug sinner on the street—

who prays on tailorbirds and Teddys

and all else he can eat.


Karait, the tiny snakeling,

whose threat many fail to see

is no match for my mongoose sister:

he must turn his tail and flee.


My mongoose lives not in India,

nor in a British house;

my mongoose lives in Iowa

with hubby and Miah-mouse.


The snakes she fights may not have scales

or fangs with poison evil;

her morals, brains, and killer pounce

make her a deadly Shiva.


Society’s snakes, here is my warning:

My Mongoose sweet, she now is hunting!


Copyright 2018 by R. Gettelman


Thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed all of the poems here on Rebecca’s Classroom and Kitchen in celebration of National Poetry Month.  I has been a lot of fun to share them with you.  As today is the last day of April my normal blog pace will resume tomorrow, but the poems and posts from this month will stay.  Feel free to go back and read  and/or comment on any of them whenever you have time or inclination.


And, as always, find great educational resources by Rebecca by clicking the link below:

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  1. Mary Straw says:

    I will miss the month of April. I’ve enjoyed the poetry so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry. April comes again!


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