Songs of the Teacher-Poet, Day Eighteen

STP D18 Things Under Foot
Happy National Poetry Month!  To celebrate Rebecca’s Classroom and Kitchen is featuring poetry by educators.  (For more info, click here!)  I encourage you to leave positive thoughts, encouragement, and feedback in the comments section below and also to take a few moments to visit the blog of today’s talented poet.


Things Under Foot

by Leslie – Storytrekker


Aches and pains on the soles of my feet,

Brick, nice and warm, from the sun’s toasty heat.

Concrete with cracks as I walk home from school,

Dripping wet drops from my dog’s dangling drool!

Eggs, quickly scrambled, that fell to the floor.

Fuzzy pink slippers in my room, by my door.

Grass, green and soft, my Mom bugs me to mow,

Hard frozen earth that was covered with snow.

Inches of laundry piled up to my knees!

Jackets and sweaters…are those my new jeans?

Kleenex stuck tight to my shoe…oh that’s sick!

Legos…ouch…deadly…OUCH…man do they stick!

Megan and Max, twins that live on my street,

Needles and pins when my foot falls asleep.

Oceans of shells washing up on the shore,

Pebbles worn smooth by the tide’s ceaseless roar.

Quiet tip-toes as I sneak up to bed,

Rat turds (don’t ask) when I cleaned out the shed.

Smooth sheets on a bed that grumbles and squeaks,

Tread on my favorite pair of cool sneaks.

Underground tunnels housing criminals and creeps,

Very dark dirt my Mom constantly sweeps.

Wide paths in the woods that I travel alone.

X-shaped bathroom tile highlighting “the throne.”

Yesterday’s news next to Dad’s lounging chair, and

Zillions upon zillions of Shadow’s cat hair!


Used with permission.

Copyright 2018 by Leslie – Storytrekker


And, as always, find great educational resources by Rebecca by clicking the link below:

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I always enjoy this kind of challenge in rhyme.


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