Resource Roundup: Poetry

Resource Roundup Poetry

We are trying something new today!  In the collaborative spirit of teaching once a month for at least the next several months (we will see how it goes) I will be hosting a resource roundup on my blog.  Teachers will post one of their very best resources on the day’s topic for you to check out.  Just scroll down to the comments section below to check out some of these great resources!  

P.S.  Teachers can’t post their resources until I publish this post, so it may take a few hours before there are many to check out!

Today’s Topic:  Poetry

Rebecca’s Resource:

Creating Effective Metaphors:  An Activity for Middle and High School StudentsScreen Shot 2017-05-16 at 7.51.21 AM

Extremely engaging, this activity leads students through analyzing two different real-world transformations and then constructing effective metaphors about them. A great way to introduce a poetry or other writing unit, this activity is also great on a day that you are looking for something fun yet still educational.  For more information or to purchase this product, click here!


And as always, to find more great educational resources by Rebecca click on the link below:

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    Grades 4–6
    Poetry Pizzazz is a unit filled with great ideas and tools for teaching poetry. It presents fourteen different formats for writing poetry–from free verse to rhymed verse; from poems about nature to humorous poems to make kids laugh! Also included is a section of original poems by Linda Schwartz called My Bedroom’s a Mess and Other Humorous Poems for Kids. A list of 140 topics for kids to write about is also included.

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    1. Linda writes fabulously funny poems that 4th-6th graders (and others) will adore. If you haven’t seen her work this month on my blog, I encourage you to check her out! You can find her poems on the posts from April 7th & 16th, and she will have a third one posted on April 27th.


  2. Debbi Kapp says:
    Students are provided prompts in the popular I Am format and fill in extended responses about favorite outdoor activities, their concerns about nature, actions they take for the environment and more. Perfect for Earth Day, Spring, or a cross-curricular Earth Science/ELA activity. Decorated lined writing sheets are included and makes a terrific bulletin board display. Grades 4-8.

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  3. Rachel M. says:

    Langston Hughes Poem Activities Pack – for middle school ELA, grades 6-8
    This discounted bundle includes 2-3 pages of poetry activities for six Langston Hughes poems, including “Dreams,” “Mother to Son,” “I, Too,” and more. Students will strengthen figurative language skills, analyze poems line-by-line, and make connections to history.

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  4. Renee Dawn says:
    Free Verse Creative Poetry Writing Lessons for K – 5 will help kids to see the world through fresh eyes. Whether they’re kindergarten ELLs or fifth grade TAGs, kids will create poems that are jazzy, profound and fun—and maybe even life-changing.

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    1. Renee also writes some really wonderful poetry. Be sure to check out two of her poems here on Rebecca’s Classroom and Kitchen. You can find “Earth” on April 15th and “Chocolate Kiss” will be posted on April 24th.


  5. CA Cosby says:

    Phonics Poetry Notebooks …
    Grades K-1st
    These poetry pages are a great way for students to learn phonics and practice their reading skills. Students will create their own poetry notebooks as they complete each page by coloring and filling in the blanks of the original poetry. I fell in love with poetry at this age and hope that these products inspire future poets!

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  6. For poets that like escape rooms I recently posted Poe’s Poetry escape room break out. Middle school and up probably.

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