Calling All Teacher-Poets


Hi Everyone,

Are you a teacher?  Do you write poetry?  Know someone who falls into these categories?

National Poetry Month is coming up in April.  In recognition of this I would like to take the opportunity to showcase original poetry by my fellow teachers on Rebecca’s Classroom and Kitchen.

The requirements:

  • Poems can be about any subject.
    • i.e. Poems can be education-related or not–teachers are multifaceted individuals!
  • Poems can be by teachers of any sort
    • current, former, nontraditional, of any subject or educational situation, sacred, secular, and so on…if you consider yourself a teacher or someone else considers you to be one, then you qualify!
  • Your poem can be linked to your website–be it your blog, your TpT store, etc.–but it does not have to be
    • This will hopefully drive at least a little traffic your way too.
  • You may submit up to four poems, though if you submit more than one, please submit each on a separate form at the link below.

Also, if you know someone who isn’t a follower of mine, but might be interested in submitting, please feel free to pass this info and link on.

Submit your poem(s) here:

Any questions, contact me in the comments section below, through the contact link above, or at the email address on the form.

Happy Writing!


P.S.  The form says poems must be submitted by March 24th.  I will actually be accepting poems through the 31st, though the sooner I get them the better!

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